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While working with hundreds of jewelry stores in the United States over the last 15 years, we've perfected the art of creating fingerprint and pawprint jewelry.

Our unique process makes it easy to capture the prints while yielding the highest quality in the industry. We pair this quality with up to 40% off select additional items with the same prints and significantly higher commission rates than other companies.  

On top of providing your clients with the highest quality and best value on the market, our goal is to make your job simple, streamlined, and more profitable. 

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Industry Leading Quality 

Easy to Capture Prints

Higher Profits

Additional Items Discounts

Easy Scanning

We've made it easy to capture high quality prints with our intelligent bluetooth fingerprint scanner and partner application. The application will provide a unique Print ID Number for you to write on the brochure given to the bereaved.

The bereaved will be able to place the order directly on our website. We track those sales and issue commision checks quarterly.


Our Quality


Our Quality

We take great pride in crafting each of our rings and pendants from 100% USA Refined precious metals at our shop in Stow, Ohio.

Our Exclusive HD Etching process etches the prints deep into the sturdy, tempered precious metal for a high contrast, durable impression.  

Our Designs

We capture anything from a loved one’s fingerprint to a pet’s pawprint on items ranging from stainless steel knives to gold pendants set with diamonds.

With 100s of design combinations, your clients are guaranteed to discover something they love.





Our line offers your clientele up to 40% off a selection of sterling silver necklaces and keychains when purchasing a regular priced item.

Your clients can add an assortment of these designs with no limit on quantity. 

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Don't hesitate to reach out to our team with any questions you might have.